Anti-OPN3 Polyclonal Antibody
  • 品牌:Solarbio
  • 产地:北京
  • 货号:K108260P
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  • 发布日期: 2020-08-10
  • 更新日期: 2024-07-19
产地 北京
品牌 Solarbio
货号 K108260P
保存条件 Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
用途 IHC
应用范围 IHC
抗体名 OPN3
克隆性 Polyclonal Antibody
适应物种 Human Mouse
纯度 %
亚型 IgG
浓度 %
Opsins are members of the guanine nucleotide-binding protein (G protein)-coupled receptor superfamily. In addition to the visual opsins; mammals possess several photoreceptive non-visual opsins that are expressed in extraocular tissues. This gene; opsin 3; is strongly expressed in brain and testis and weakly expressed in liver; placenta; heart; lung; skeletal muscle; kidney; and pancreas. The gene may also be expressed in the retina. The protein has the canonical features of a photoreceptive opsin protein.
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